From motorcycles to dairy farmers. Leta Ng’ombe: Rongo boda boda story

Rongo Boda Boda is a motorcycle riders SACCO based in Rongo town whose members’ main source of livelihood is the business of motorcycle transportation. Myfugo partnered with the SACCO and introduced the members to dairy farming by providing them with dairy loans.

In 201 9 myfugo signed an agreement with Rongo boda boda a Community Based Organization (CBO).

The agreement was for myfugo to supply cows for the boda boda Sacco members on loan via their leta ngombe product.

Rongo boda boda CBO is made up of several groups of commercial motorcycle riders within Rongo county.

They all exist under one umbrella group which is registered as a (CBO). This CBO forms the SACCO that is mandated with uplifting the livelihood of its members.

Rongo boda boda Sacco has helped its members procure over twenty cows since 2019 through the Leta ngombe loan service.

Leta ngombe a product from Myfugo that gives cow loans to members of SACCOS, famer groups and CBO’s.