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Market Provision

Advertise and sell your livestock and farm related items online within MyFugo community. From your desk, data is shared instantly with all farmers who receive it via email , sms and MyFugo portal. Read More...

Early Disease Intervention

By sharing online health data with your veterinary doctor, early disease intervention is actualized without the need for physical presence. Read More...

Record Keeping

Capture data with ease and have online farm records that boosts farming results with actionable metrics. Such visibility ensures peak management by identifying problems in time and invoking appropriate intervention. Read More...

Animal Traceability

MyFugo generates a unique lifetime identification number which allows animal movement traceability from one farmer to another. Disease traceability can be achieved by knowing where diseased and at-risk animals are, Read More...

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Return On Investment

Realise increase in farm efficiency and profitability leading to faster ROI.

Highly Productive Farm

Solution helps to closely monitor farm inputs and costs thus improving performance.

Ready Market

Engage online with farmers looking to buy various products and animals.

Analytics on the fly

Advanced reporting gives feedback on farm performance and enhance decision making.

Instant Access to Vets

Veterinary doctor is instantly informed via sms or email on adverse occurrences.

Better Breeding Outcome

Record production traits leading to breeding outcomes that increase productivity.

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As a Dutch dairy farmer I was recently in Rongo on invitation of the Rongo Dairy Farmers Cooperative. My mission was organised by the NGO PUM, a Dutch organisation for my expertise in dairy farming and cooperatives to coach the cooperative and her member farmers. During my traveling in the region I met Allan Tollo who has built a digital platform that collect data from farmers and the cooperative. Read More...

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