A cow, a calf and KES 12,000/- monthly income

Maureen Akinyi Odongois twenty-nine years old and married with three children. She has been in the motorcycle transport business for four years. She took the cow loan and bought a seven months pregnant cow. 


As of the time of this interview, the cow had already calved a heifer and she was to start milking in a few days. The cow produced ten liters a day during its lactating period.

The milk price in her locality is forty shillings a litre, thus her income increased by four hundred Kenya shillings a day (KES 12,000/- a month). 


The Myfugo “Leta Ng’ombe” loan has transformed her life. Currently, she has a cow, a calf and earns KES 12,000/- (USD 111/-) a month from milk sales. The heifer will also grow into an income source.


From this newly gotten income, she plans to save a part of it and use the rest to take care of the cow. After she clears the payment of the cow loan she would love to get another cow.