What Myfugo Offers

Dairy Loan(Leta Ngombe)

Myfugo offers financing to dairy farmers with a monthly interest of 2%.

This enables the farmers to acquire superior and high-quality cow breeds through its USSD and Web based platform using data for alternative credit scoring, developed internally to assess the ability to pay back the dairy loans. Scoring is based on experience, nature of breed, milk yield among other data points

This enhances financial inclusion and dairy asset financing. This is achieved through signing partnership agreements with dairy co-operatives for their members to take up this product. Upon qualification, the farmer identifies the cow and payment is done through the mobile platform. All repayments are done by the farmer digitally using mobile money.


We advance credit to smallholder farmers with a monthly interest of 10%.

Smart Cow Collar/ Tags;

This is an activity monitoring device that is placed on the cow. It shows the farmers each step the cows take, how much they eat, how active they are and how often they rest. This gives dairy farmers health and reproductive insights and helps to identify any health issues for timely interventions.

The device is integrated with Myfugo’s USSD/ Web platform for sending sms to farmers. This enables farmers with feature phones and smart phones to easily use our product.

Extension Services

We offer technical advice on proper animal husbandry practices to smallholder dairy farmers and also supply them with necessary inputs and services to support their agricultural production.

This provides credible information to the farmers and passes to them new ideas developed by agricultural research stations. This boosts agricultural productivity, improves farmers livelihoods, increases food security and promotes agriculture as an engineer of pro-poor economic growth.


Our staff and veterinary officers are trained periodically on assessment and identification of quality dairy cows as part of their skills enhancement. This training is done by Kenya Livestock Breeders Association.

Myfugo further offers periodic customer training for sensitization purposes and offer free consultancy services to both new and existing customers.